What is Horizontal Drilling?

“In a rapidly developing world, a great race is observed in bringing the projects under the ground in a short time and in a more economical fashion. The directional horizontal drilling system being implemented in the USA since 1983 was commenced to be used in all European countries in the early 90’s.

Before this time, pipe boring, pipe jacking or a method simply called horizontal boring had been used in Turkey in order to lay pipes under road and railways. Since 2000, the method known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology has been used instead of traditional horizontal boring methods.”

Directional horizontal drilling (HDD) method, one of the innovations of trenchless technology, is one of the most suitable techniques in such works as laying water, electricity or natural gas pipes under the obstacles like highway, railway, stream, lake, etc. In this method, polyethylene and steel pipes can be utilized. Thanks to our existing machine park, piping can be installed at distances of up to 1500 m and diameters of up to 60” (depending on the type of formation). In the HDD method, a pilot drilling is performed first. The drill (owing to its shape) can direct the drill in the desired direction and owing to the locator can determine the desired direction and coordinate. The tug conveys the pushing force received from the machine to the drill (in addition, the friction resistance of the formation is overwhelmed by injecting the pressurized lubricating fluid to the formation with hydraulic pumps) and thus performs the drilling.