• Protecting the environment with a performance advancing for a cleaner and more livable nature,
  • Taking all kinds of safety measures for all personnel to make sure a safer and healthier environment,
  • Eliminating accidents, creating a safe working environment, respecting the environment and people in all stages of production, complying with laws, regulations and instructions,
  • Making the natural resources, energy and raw material use in our production and services in an economical and efficient way and minimizing the waste products by providing recovery and reuse of our wastes,
  • Carrying out the necessary activities to improve the environmental awareness of our employees, our customers, the protection of the environment and the reduction of environmental pollution,
  • Announcing activities carried out within the scope of our established Environmental and Occupational Safety Management System to the public and letting it to be examined by all those who are sensitive to the environment.

Without compromising the quality, we are committed to continuing our activities by taking into account the labor, environment and worker safety.